Get To Know Poker Better

Many of us would have heard the card game poker and many would have played it but there are still some people who are new to the game of poker, here is a brief explanation on various aspects of the game

What is poker?

Poker is nothing but a card game, in fact it is a collection of card games. There are many variants to this game but the basic concept remains the same.

People would place bets based on combination of cards they have and sometimes common cards are also in play. Typically whoever has a better combination wins all the chips placed on the bet.

However there could also be a scenario where all players withdraw from placing bets except one. In this case the player who is still betting wins all the chips/coins.

Can someone bluff in poker?

The popular term “poker faced” came in to existence because of this game and people bluffing. If all players withdraw their bets then the last player need not show his hands. This means if someone is smart enough to hide his cards and emotions then he could win. Thus poker is not a game based on luck but also is a mind sport.

When did poker come in to existence?

The early references one could find in modern day literature is during 1820s and 1840s, where poker has been reported to have been played in New Orleans and it spread to rest of the country via Mississippi river boats where gambling was famous. The earlier versions were played only with 20 cards and by 4 people, later the full card deck began to be used and multiple variants of the game were introduced in the next century. This game is said to have originated in Persia called as As-Nas. There is also contradictions stating that this game came from poque played in France.

When did poker become popular in UK?

As the game became popular in the United States, Britain was not left behind. By mid-19th century the game started igniting the minds of the British people.

The credit though goes to the American ambassador to Britain who write a letter that had the rules of the game and it later turned in to a booklet.However the game did not really catch up in the UKand the people were happier playing the traditional games.Thanks to modern day television and Casinos the game has gained popularity in the UK. The internet as well has played a major role with the advent of online poker. To top this fact Guinness book of world records states that the largest game of poker ever played was in Onchan, Isle of Man in June 2013. The prize money was $25000 whereas the entry was at $1.

What are poker tournaments?

The World Series of poker was first played in 1970 and this game became popular in casinos. As casinos started spreading all over the US, many tournaments were conducted and televised as well making

the game grow in its popularity. Some of the popular tours are World Poker Tour, European Poker Tour, Latin American Poker Tour and Asia Pacific Poker Tour. The International Federation of Poker was formed in 2009 at Lausanne, Switzerland to promote Poker and become the official governing body like other sports.

What is video poker?

Video poker is similar to online slot machine, where a single player can play at the comfort of his/her home. The player places bet and is then dealt a hand, the player can either discard or replace cards. Pay out depends on the hand that results after a draw and the bet placed initially.

What are the Variants of poker?

The hierarchy of cards remain the same across versions and the general pattern of play. The only variation is based on how the card is dealt and betting is done. The popular variants are Stud poker, draw poker and community card poker. The more popular Texas hold’em and Omaha are popular variants of community card poker.

What is strip poker?

Though strip poker is a popular term used among teenagers and young people it is not a variant of poker. It is played in the poker played in privacy of homes or elsewhere where losing players remove a piece of clothing from their bodies. It is played only for pure fun. Thus it is not a variant of poker nor is it played in public.